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Mountain of Colors-Winikunka

Mountain of Colors-Winikunka

The region of Cusco has too many beauties such as: geographical, architectonic, ecological, natural and of course the human warmth of the inhabitants of the region.

The “Mountain of Colors”, “Winikunka” or the “Rainbow Mountain” is a beautiful mountain of the Andes Cusqueños, the special thing of this mountain are the colors on its surface, these colors are exposed because of the minerals and different types of rock that exist inside Of the mountain, its charm is on the surface, for this is not allowed to walk in it, by the subject of conservation.

To be able to observe the mountain of colors and the whole valley in all its splendor goes up to the mountain that is in front of the mountain rainbow which works like viewpoint, from this viewpoint also can admire impressive views of the Range Ausangate, and all the valley.


The entrance to the “Mountain of Colors” is by the town called Cusipata, located on the road towards the Nevado Ausangate; This town belongs to the province of Quispicanchis, it is three hours from the city of Cusco by car, from there we continue with a walk of 01 hour and 30 minutes by the foothills of the mountain (there is also the option to climb on horseback) to reach the viewpoint of the “Monta Winikunka ”


Winikunka is at a height of 5,100 M.A.S.L. so it is necessary to acclimatize in the city of Cusco, must be at least 2 days in the city to be able to be in sufficient conditions to make this hike; The hike is about 1h and 30 minutes (roundtrip) and if you are not well acclimatized you may have difficulty during the ascent.


As in the entire region of Cusco, the climate is divided into two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

  • During the rainy season, whose period runs from December to March, the sky is cloudy and usually rains more often, you can see the Winikunka mountain more opaque.
  • The dry season, which runs from April to November, shows a landscape illuminated by a radiant sun that highlights the different colors in the Winikunka mountain.


The hike to the Winikunka Mountain has a medium difficulty, with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately (up and down) to average step.

How to get there?

Hiring our tourist services is the best option since we arrange transportation, food (breakfast and lunch buffet), first aid kit at all times and our professional guide.

• Arriving at the starting point of the hike you can hire the services of a drover, not to do the hike if you do not climb on horseback, so you will save the fatigue of this; It is worth mentioning that this service has an extra cost.

Is there altitude sickness in the mountains of colors?

Altitude sickness is a subject that should not be left aside even more in the region of Cusco that has a considerable height, much more for visitors from other countries that are not at a similar height to Peru, it is necessary to be prepared not to suffer from this evil.

You must have on hand the “Coca leaves” as popular for its healing and soothing qualities as well as the pills for the walk-up pills.


  • Take pills for altitude sickness (if necessary), always carry the coca leaves.
  • Use trekking canes.
  • You should use trekking shoes, which will protect you in a better way since the road is not uniform.
  • Go dressed in warm clothes (jacket, gloves, caps or pimples, thick socks, warm pants).
  • Apply sunscreen every 02 hours at least.
  • Bring snacks, either nuts or energy bars that will help you to give strength along the way.

The mountain of colors is one more sample of the beauty of nature, a jewel of the region of Cusco; Do not stay with the concern to visit this natural wonder, contact us Peru Cusi Tours an agency authorized to make this tour and all others within the region of Cusco, providing always the guarantee, comfort and security that identifies us.

Mountain of Colors-Winikunka

Mountain of Colors-Winikunka

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